Daniela recommends

Strawberries and chocolate

This is custom heading element petit biscuits 100g mascarpone cheese 250g white chocolate for cooking 100g dark chocolate with white truffles product from honey with white truffle 2 spoons strawberries 150g a tablespoon of sugar PREPARATION Grind the petit biscuits. In a small pot, reduce the strawberries with the sugar for 15-20 minutes. At the [...]

“Pljukanci” with black truffles

Add the pasta to the boiling water to which you added salt, and cook until they come up to the surface.

Pork medallions in black summer truffle sauce

Clean the pork loin and cut it into medallions. Season the medallions with salt and pepper and fry in heated oil for a few minutes. Take the finished medallions aside and keep them warm. Add to the frying oil 3 teaspoons of minced black truffles, vegetable broth and mix it all together for several more minutes until it boils.

Fritaja with truffles for 4 persons

Whisk the eggs, add the milk, truffle and salt. In a pan melt the butter, grate and season 60g truffles, grate the cow’s cheese with truffles and mix gently.

Humus – Chickpeas spread with truffles

Put all the above ingredients in the mixing bowl, I recommend to scrub the garlic and finely chop parsley. Mix it all together.

Fried egg with black truffle

Pour olive oil with black truffle on to the pan, when warmed – add the egg. Add a pinch of salt to the egg and grate a few thin feta fresh truffles over.

Cheese dumplings with truffles

Mix fresh cow’s cheese, grated gauda, sour cream and truffle in a bowl. Salt as you like. Leave the mixture in the refrigerator for an hour to bring the mixture together.

Polenta with white truffles

In boiling water add salt and butter. Then gently pour the polenta, stirring constantly. Cook polenta on a low heat for about 30 min.